10:00 - 3:00 Big Top Holiday Club

Big Top Poster
Enthusiastic participation
Tuesday 25th July 2017
Wednesday 26th July 2017
Thursday 27th July 2017
Friday 28th July 2017

Join The Big Top on our holiday club 5 day adventure:

from Tuesday 25 - Friday 28 July and at 10.30 on  Sunday 30th July

The Big Top features four extraordinary people.

The drama of the Christian Holiday Club features the awe inspiring adventures of: the strong woman, the escape artist, the lion tamer and the ring master.

There is a great team of helpers and young team serving drinks, cutting out, helping with children’s groups and games, aerobics and drama. 

If you have booked, the adventure starts at 10am and continues through to 3pm. Children are to bring a packed lunch. Further information  can be obtained from Samantha Free