Michael Project

Current Charity - Michael Project, Zimbabwe

The Michael Project began when Helen Hobbs started visiting mothers in prison.  She provided them with napkins and other items for their young children, who were imprisoned with them.  The children were suffering from abuse and many mothers asked her if she would take the children and look after them.  This led to her wanting to start a children’s home.  Her prayers were answered when a fellow Christian donated a large property.  It now provides a home for 17 children.  The home is subdivided into small family units, each with a proxy mother.  Recognising that the children had not had a normal upbringing, a school was set up to cater for their special needs.  Another school is also being run by the project for other disadvantaged children.  

Other sub projects include advocacy to the Zimbabwean government, a community centre and school outside the city, chicken farm and daycare provisions within the prison.  The Michael Project was visited by Ed and Anne in June 2012.  

See http://www.themichaelproject.org/ for more information.

Bromley Parish Church is making The Michael Project its charity from January to April 2017.