Holiday Club 2016 Landlubbers

Our Landlubbers summer holiday club for 2016 ran in the last week of July

55-60 children came each day plus young team and slightly older team and other helpers.

Landlubbers featured two distinct groups of pirates, both on the same remote tropical island.

The drama of our Christian Holiday Club followed the adventures of four pirates who have grown dissatisfied with their life of looting and raiding. They yearn for a more peaceful life, living as honest, law-abiding citizens.  But first they had to work out how to get off the  island!

Meanwhile, the presenters (and the children) are also on the island. But they are searching for treasure, with the aid of a map and some puzzling clues they received from a mysterious castaway. Both groups eventually find what they are looking for, although it doesn’t take the form they expect.

The  great team of helpers and young team served drinks, cut out and helped with children’s groups and games, aerobics and drama.  Springs dance of Lewisham also came along and lead a great dance workshop.

The adventure started at 10am and continued through to 3pm. Children brought a packed lunch. Further information  can be obtained from Samantha Free

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