At a glance

  • Very popular for children’s parties - can take a bouncy castle
  • Holds 70 people maximum
  • Large kitchen attached to it
  • Outside area can be used in good weather
  • There are 100 chairs, 10off 5ft GOPAK tables, 5off 3ft GOPAK tables & 4off 5ft children's height GOPAK tables
The Club Room

The Clubroom

The Clubroom is very popular for children’s parties and can take a bouncy castle, provided it is not too tall.

It holds 70 people maximum, has plenty of plug sockets, and has a large kitchen attached to it, with large metal rollers that can be lifted up to act as a serving counter for the Clubroom. The hall dimensions are 7m (23ft) Wide x 10.5m (34ft) Length. The height of the Clubroom is approx  3m (10ft).

The outside area can be used in good weather.

The chair and table store is between the club and lounge with large wooden doors that concertina back. There are 100 chairs, 10off 5ft GOPAK tables and  5off 3ft GOPAK tables and 4off 5ft children's height GOPAK tables. Additional chairs and trestle tables available on request.

The average booking for a children’s party is 1-5 pm and the minimum hire charge of £130 applies. The hire charge above this time is £18.50 per hour.

The clubroom and lounge can be made into one very large room if booked together.   The additional charge for also using the lounge is £130 for 4 hours.

The hire charge for meetings/clubs is £18.50 per hour for one-off hirers or £17.20 per hour for regular users.

For more information and availability please contact: Alison Kay at  or 020 8777 4164