Bromley Parish Church Homeless Starter Pack Scheme

Helping people to get off the starting block!

Bromley Parish Church Homeless Starter Pack Scheme is a project set up to collect household goods on a reuse basis and re-distribute them to households moving from homelessness to new tenancies. We hope to save hundreds of tonnes of household goods from landfill sites.

In 2015, we expected to help 80 people/families to start afresh with our ‘Starter Packs’.  However, we far exceeded that with 52 packs being provided in the last 4 months alone.

Our Local Authority works hard to find homes for homeless people but when someone who has been on the streets or in a hostel gets the keys to their first flat, that’s all they get; a bunch of keys, a floor, walls and a roof.

What we provide:

Bedding packStarter Packs

Duvet, Duvet cover, Pillow, Pillow case, Sheets (fitted or flat).

Bathroom and toiletries
Bath towel, Hand towel, Face cloth, Tooth brush & Tooth paste, Soap/shower gel Deodorant, Shampoo, Toilet rolls,  (men – razor and shaving foam).

Crockery pack
Mug/cup, Dinner plate, Tea plate, Cereal bowl, Knife, fork, dessert spoon, and tea spoon.

Pot Pack
Saucepans, Frying pan, oven proof dishes, storage containers and Kettle (new or pat tested).

Utility Pack
Can opener, Vegetable peeler, kitchen knives, Washing-up bowl, Washing-up liquid, Tea towels, bin liners, Multi-purpose cleaning fluid and polish, Dish cloth and dust cloth, household bleach, washing powder or liquids and light bulbs.

We are very grateful for all the goods supplied by the churches and public so far, we would like to thank you for your generosity and support.

  • Do you have any unwanted household items?
  • Will you have a collection point at your place of work?
  • Could your fellow employees help make up the starter packs?

All goods donated must be of good quality, clean/freshly laundered and not stained: our team is too small to take on the task of laundering as well.

The benchmark is: Does the item have enough life in it for reuse? How would you feel if given it?

Collection point for donation of goods is at St Peter and St Paul Church, Church Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0EG on the 1st Saturday of each month in the church rooms. Other times by arrangement.

Financial contributions

For health and safety reasons we give new kettles, duvet and pillows; to buy these we need financial donations, which can be made by cheque (made out to Bromley Parish Church) or cash at the church offices or by mail with a note that these are intended for the starter pack scheme.  If you are paying UK tax, then please consider Gift Aid which will increase the value of your contribution.   This applies if you pay UK tax that at least equals the tax that may be reclaimed on your donation in this tax year.

Waitrose Donation

On 2nd November, 2015. Anne Horner-Tree, received a cheque for £522 from Gillian Tarling for the Starter Packs at the Waitrose store at Bromley South.
Waitrose have a Community Matters programme by which each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 to local causes.  Each shopper receives a token to place in a box for the good cause they’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation the cause receives.

Bromley Rotary Club Donation

In January, the Bromley Rotary Club made a donation of £500 towards the Homeless Starter Pack Scheme.

Need to know more?

We would be happy to come to your church/organisation to tell more people what we do and how they can help us to achieve our goals and be environmentally friendly.


If you are already an authorised referrer click here to complete an application form.

If you are NOT an authorised referrer, contact Anne Horner-Tree


Anne Horner-Tree: 07860 100 201 or email
Ruth Gall:                 020 8289 3987 or email
Church Office:         020 8464 5244, (weekday mornings)