7.30pm World Mission Forum Prayer Event

Monday 22nd May 2017

We are hosting an Archdeaconry Prayer Event (organised through the World Mission Forum) at Bromley Parish Church* from 7.30pm on Monday 22nd May, and we would like to invite you and members of your congregations to attend.

The programme for the evening will be:

7.30pm    Refreshments.
8.00pm    Welcome and worship
8.15pm    Mission stands and prayer
9.15pm    Closing message and worship
9.30pm    Evening ends

The purpose of the evening is to inform congregations about and to pray for different forms of mission and to encourage Churches to engage in mission work . The main core of the evening will be providing people with an opportunity to visit 3 of 8 different missions stands. Each rotation will last 15 minutes to allow for providing information about the mission/organisation and then a core focus on praying for the mission/organisation, region and issues covered.

  • Prayer stations
  • representing mission agencies (projects supported)

Contact: Steve Webster
Email: Steve.Webster@ijmuk.org